Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo

Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo is a world leader Company for the vine and wine production. They have always grounded their activity on the quality of their products and services, that is for them an indispensible and fundamental requisite.

They produce 60 million vine cuttings/year, both grafting and non,  divided into more than 4000 different combinations. So 80 years after their establishment, Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo are still the most important  producers of cuttings in the world.

The Company is now present in all continents and it is expanding on all foreign markets, both through direct exportation and through the creation of new dealers and new branches (Nova Vine in California, VCR France in France). VCR is now present in 30 countries, which proves how the quality of their cuttings is appreciated by vine-growers all over the world.

Since its establishment, VCR trusted Research as the propelling engine for developing its position in the various markets, and it has always been ensuring high quality productions as far as the genetic and health aspects are concerned. It was the first, together with the Experimental Institute in Conegliano Veneto, Italy, to trust Clonal selection and to invest in it. That’s why in 1965 VCR created the “VCR Experimental Centre” that is today an important reference point both in Italy and abroad.

VCR’s programs for genetic improvement through clonal selections  led to the inscription of more than 300 VCR original clones of international, national, and local varieties (both Italian ones and of other important vine-growing countries).

Nowadays the morphological, genetic and health quality of the vine productions has reached quality standards that are hardly improvable. Therefore the main aim of the research is improving the environmental impact of vine and nursery productions. Vine-growing is in fact the agricultural activity having the highest impact on the environment, both at a national and at an European level. Vine-growing uses 65% of all pesticides used in UE agriculture per year. Therefore diminishing the use of fungicides and being sensitive to environmental resources are, nowadays, priorities.

The procedures that have been used until now for limiting the impact on the environment are not enough, neither do they solve the problem of reducing fungicides and safeguarding natural resources, like water and power sources.

So VCR is going on investing in the Research, by enhancing its Experimental Department and cooperating with other research Centers, in order to develop new technologies and experiment innovative products, meeting the present needs of vine-growing and wine production.

In this optic, VCR had an active cooperation with the University in Udine and the Institute of Applied Genomics in the same town, for creating new varieties resisting to pests (downy mildew and oidium in particular).

These new varieties are characterized by a high productivity and a high oenological potentiality, but mainly by their resistance to downy mildew and oidium. Therefore they don’t need any phytosanitary treatment (or, for some, only 2 or 3 preventive copper and sulfur sprayings).

By joining TERGEO, VCR wants to implement experimental vineyards with these new varieties for verifying their validity from the agronomical and oenological point of view, in different pedoclimatic conditions.  Another aim is receiving new inputs for the research about resistance to other pests, through forums and discussions, being this an important occasion for meeting with all the operators in the vine and wine production chain.

By continuously updating its offer, VCR wants to contribute to innovation, ensuring the operators of the vine and wine sector a possible  improvement, as far as working conditions and environmental impact are concerned.

Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo

Via Udine, 39
33095 Rauscedo (Pordenone)
Phone +39 0427 94345