SCAM is an Italian industrial and commercial enterprise, established in 1951. Its business is focused on organic-mineral fertilizers. It is technologically differentiated on the market in agrochemicals, special fertilizers and technical biological tools.

In the vine and wine sector sustainability envisages in the “on the field” phase agronomical and environmental aspects influencing and conditioning the “in the bottle” phase. They are for instance: the breeding typology, pruning, treatments with pesticides, harvesting methods, irrigations and fertilizing.

Following its own vision (Sustainability and Valorization of qualified production chains) SCAM started a certification course for valuing, managing and improving its own environmental performances.

The LCA  study (Life Cycle Assessment attenzione nell’italiano è sbagliato; scrivere come qui anche nel sito in italiano), implemented in 2007, was the starting point for defining improving actions. As a result, Scam obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification for Organic Mineral granular fertilizers based on SCAM humidified  peat. EPD is a document accompanying products and services, a sort of “Environmental Identity Chart” of the life cycle.

Besides the environmental certification, SCAM Organic-Minerals also have a high agronomical performance, evaluated during the years by numerous research bodies, experimental centers, and universities, with excellent quantitative and qualitative results as far as productions are concerned.

For vine-growing, SCAM implemented a line of specific fertilizers, with a fractioned supply of Organic Mineral fertilizers: the spring supply gives the plant nourishment, feeding it until its final production; the autumn supply gives the buds and the plant the necessary reserves for its following vegetative upswing. All integrated by leaf fertilizers, micro-elements and bio-stimulating substances.

Thanks to its requisites of a high agronomic performance and to EPD Certification for its Organic Mineral fertilizers, SCAM can propose the market an integrated and selected offer of tools and techniques for a qualified agriculture, respecting the environment and the soil fertility, highlighting organoleptic properties of grapes, and ensuring consumers a healthy and safe product.


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