Associations can submit and diffuse through Tergeo proposals for Apps. Once evaluated by the Technical-Scientific Committee and approved as congruent with the aims of Tergeo Project, they will be shared with vine enterprises by informative, training, experimental and demonstrative activities.

Unione Italiana Vini coordinates all the partners. Through its Media Area it can give their projects visibility, by diffusing their objectives and results, both for the consumers and the enterprises audience, as well as for all the actors in the wine production chain: both producers, and distributors, and suppliers.

Sustainability is measured not only within the farm gates, but also on the materials bought and used for the production and on the services offered in the various commercialization phases.

Tergeo accepts therefore all category associations, as well as the associations of dealers of products and services for the vine and wine sector, with the purpose of promoting a sustainability development during the whole production cycle, included the upstream and downstream phases.

Hereafter the Associations sharing Tergeo principles that have proposed apps: