Tergeo Apps are concrete solutions made available by vine and wine enterprises for proposing innovative processes or products.

All governmental and private bodies belonging to Tergeo have the possibility of proposing apps. Apps are classified as follows:

  • Informative: innovations concerning products or processes described on paper or computer documents through the channels of Unione Italiana Vini (Corriere Vinicolo, press releases, Newsletter, Posters, Websites, etc.) to all the Tergeo enterprises.
  • Training: training activities implemented by meetings, seminars, workshops, generally dealing with innovative subjects for the production chain of the vine and wine sector.
  • Experimental – Demonstrative: demonstrations on the field or in the cellar and/or different technical or technical-scientific activities.

All experiments and demonstrations are implemented in the enterprises belonging to Tergeo system. Their aim is proving a technology or a product and diffusing knowledge to the other enterprises by seminars and/or training courses.

Choose an app

Hereafter you can find the apps approved by Tergeo Technical Scientific Committee divided into two groups: “Cellar” and “Vineyard”. Click one of the two writings and then choose the app you want.

.You can consult the apps you’re interested in, and download the documents. You can also enroll in the planned training courses or ask for the implementation of experimentations and courses in your area.

Please remember: for downloading documents and for taking part in experimental and training apps. You must be a member of Tergeo Community.